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Behind the Scenes

Today’s behind the scenes look will be a little different, focussing on my Luke as a child MOC.

For those who may not be familiar, MOC – My Own Creation, is the commonly used acronym for custom fan-made LEGO creations. There are highly active MOC communities, with an incredible array of instructions and full sets available for sale online.

There are also a number of companies offering custom printed bespoke minifigures, but I enjoy “frankesteining” characters together using existing LEGO parts.

Today’s example is a young Luke Skywalker, assembled from the following minifigures:

  • Hair and Torso:
    • from sw0778 Luke Skywalker (Tatooine, White Legs. Stern/Smile Face Print) in the 75153 Luke’s Landspeeder set
  • Head:
    • from hp248 Ron Weasley (Black Torso Gryffindor Robe) in the 75928 Diagon Alley set
  • Hips and Medium Legs:
    • at the time of writing, only available from st001 Eleven in the 75810 Stranger Things set

Part Numbers

For those looking for other sources for these parts on Bricklink (with which I have no affiliation), here are the specific part numbers for the items and links to where they have appeared:

Hope this will be of use to someone, someday!



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