LEGO Star Wars 75299: Trouble on Tatooine Review

Disney’s The Mandalorian has reenergized the Star Wars universe for me, and I was excited to see this set come out.  Did it live up to expectations?  Let’s find out!


Available as of January 1st, 2021, LEGO Star Wars 75299 Trouble on Tatooine is designed for ages 7+ and retails for (US $29.99 / CAN $39.99 / UK £27.99).  

I see this 276 piece set as having two distinct components that play well together: the first includes The Mandalorian and The Child minifigures along with a speeder bike; the second is the Tusken Raider with shelter hut and missile-shooting ballista. 

Let’s check out each in turn.

The Mandalorian (Din Djarin / ‘Mando’) 

This is the first appearance of this particular minifigure and it visually stunning with the shiny silver beskar armour. The front view shows extensive printed detail on his torso, arms, and legs. 

Despite having a cape, which would normally obscure this rear view, there is also printing on the back – a nice little touch.

This has to be one of my favourite minifigures in recent memory!

The Child (Grogu)

Who doesn’t love The Child?

This is a newer minifigure, having appeared in only two previous sets:  75318 The Child and 75292 The Razor Crest (The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport).

While playability as a minifigure is limited as there is no articulation other than the head swivelling, The Child does come with a baby carrier – cute!

Speeder Bike

Speeder bikes have always captured my imagination and this latest incarnation does not disappoint.

There is a lot of detail packed into a tight space here, with stowage for The Child, a backpack, and the sniper rifle.

The front view is sleek and the overall design is well-scaled for minifigures.

A build technique that was new to me was using an inverted round 1×1 tile with bar and pin holder to secure the baby carrier as well as the backpack.  Very slick!

Tusken Raider

The final minifigure in this set is a Tusken Raider.  Introduced in 2020, this version has also appeared in only two other sets: 75270 Obi-Wan’s Hut and 75265-1 T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters.

The 3D printed head is the standout feature for me with this minifigure – it’s quite striking up close. 

The rear torso is also printed, and we see more of the head texture from this angle.

While perhaps not as enticing as Mando or The Child, this is nonetheless quite a nice minifigure.

Tusken Hut

The Tusken Raider comes with its own cozy hut hideout.

Shown here in profile, you can see the scale in relation to the minifigure.

Featuring a sitting area and a cooking fire, there is also a full saucepan – very domestic!

Finally, the hut unfolds to allow greater access – another nice touch!


I have to admit that the missile-shooting ballista did not excite me.

Certainly, it shoots missiles as advertised, and if I were in a different demographic I might have enjoyed it.  

However, I didn’t find the design clean or particularly organic.   I would have preferred a bantha for the Tusken Raider to ride. Your mileage may vary.

Behind the Scenes

Before concluding, I wanted to show how I used practical effects to achieve the ‘floating’ speeder bike with no Photoshop.

This first shot shows my setup: I’m using a spare kitchen tile as my desert surface and am using a single LitraPro LED for light, helped with a white bounce card.  The light is positioned with a Platypod gooseneck arm secured to a Platypod Ultra tripod. 

The secret ingredient is a cantilevered arm built from LEGO bricks – high enough to suspend the speeder bike, and long enough to hide in the shadows.

This close up shows how I used a pair of translucent bars with with 1×2 plate end.  In hindsight, and seeing the flex in this photo, I should have tried a 2×10 plate in light bluish grey.  Next time!


I really enjoyed this set and I think you will too.  The minifigures are top shelf, as is the speeder bike.  The Tusken raider hut makes for nice staging, although I wasn’t a fan of the ballista.

I consider this set excellent value and rate it 9/10.

Hope you enjoy!

Full disclosure:  I purchased this set online at full retail price directly from LEGO.  The opinions is this review are my own and have not been edited.  At the time of writing, I have no affiliation or commercial relationship with any of the brands named.  I have not posted any affiliate links, and have not received any compensation for this review. 

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