Han Solo, the original space cowboy

Change my mind. #spacecowboysaturday … There are currently 47 different LEGO minifigure versions of Han Solo – I wonder if this is the most for any character? The version that I used here with dark blue legs, vest with pockets, and (normally) wavy hair has appeared in four sets: 75159 Death Star – UCS (releasedContinue reading “Han Solo, the original space cowboy”

LEGO Star Wars 75295: Millennium Falcon Microfighter Review

“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” – Han Solo With these words we were introduced to the Millennium Falcon, the best known (and best loved?) starship in the Star Wars universe.  Going back to the year 2000 in the real world, the Falcon has been brought toContinue reading “LEGO Star Wars 75295: Millennium Falcon Microfighter Review”