“The things that make me different…

… are the things that make me ME.’ – Piglet  (by A.A. Milne) … Continuing still with a look at our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood, today we see Piglet and the big oak tree from the LEGO Disney set 21326 Winnie the Pooh. Behind the Scenes I enjoy sharing a look at theContinue reading ““The things that make me different…”

This mashup disturbed me more than I expected

So I enjoy mashups, fusing elements from different sources. Usually, the more different, the better. And I’ve found LEGO minifigures to be a rich treasure trove of material: their bodies are easily ‘frankensteined”, and they reference so many themes and third-party IP franchises. Somehow, though, this mixture of two of my childhood fictional universes strikesContinue reading “This mashup disturbed me more than I expected”