“To build… or not to build”

That is the question. And the answer is yes. #rebuildtheworld … Today’s mashup is courtesy of The LEGO Movie‘s character William Shakespeare and The LEGO Batman Movie‘s villain Eraser (aka Lenny Fiasco). Behind the Scenes I enjoy sharing a look at the process behind my work and my creative journey. Photography has long been myContinue reading ““To build… or not to build””

There’s a new sheriff in town

#spacecowboysaturday … Today’s character is Sheriff Not-A-Robot, a minor antagonist from The LEGO Movie realm The Old West. Along with Bad Cop and Robot SWAT bots, he and other old west characters on horseback chase Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius, but plunge over a cliff after Emmet makes his first master build and the trio makeContinue reading “There’s a new sheriff in town”